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Dried mushrooms have a long shelf life (they are not really aff ected by light nor by oxygen).To use : rehydrate them (simply soak them in warm water for 15 minutes), stir-fry, use in a sauce or add directly to a soup.

We use ultra-clear plastic package so that people can easily see our quality. No shame to show our quality. Customers appreciate it. • Most Canadians are not used to cook dried mushrooms. The procedure, on the back, is deliberately simple to show that it’s easy to use. Dehydration offers more flavor than fresh mushrooms. Flavor is more concentrated, ideal for tasteful sauces.

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Dehydrated morels


One of the most preferred mushroom. Dehydration makes it more flavorful. Harvested after wild forest fires by willing heart harvesters.

Taste: nutty and delicate.

Side dish for or use with: meat, chicken, fish, cream, broth, fortified wines, white wines, cider.

Dehydrated chanterelles


Taste: abricot.

Side dish for or use with: bechamel, cream, cheeses, in an omelet, in sweet-salty dish, Poultry.

Dehydrated yellowfeet


Taste: butter, nuts, fruity.

Side dish for or use with: cheeses, poultry, fish, pasta, bechamel, omelets, cream.

Lobster mushroom
Dehydrated lobster mushrooms


Only found in wild forests of the North American continent. It really tastes like lobster with a sweet nutty smack and it adds color and texture to sauces.

Taste: seafood, hazelnut.

Side dish for or use with: poultry, fish, bechamel, coco milk, cream, white wine.

Black trunpets
Dehydrated black trumpet


Taste: butter, nuts. light bitterness. Very tasty.

Side dish for or use with: cheeses, game, fish, bechamel, cream, omelets.

Dehydrated matsutake


Taste: gingerbread.

Side dish for or use with: seafood, in a mussel stock, fish, caramelized onions, ou add directly in soups.

King bolete porcini
Dehydrated king bolete (porcini)


One of the most used wild mushroom on the planet.

Taste: aromatic and nutty.

Side dish for or use with: pork, poultry, risotto, pastas, frying potatoes, bacon, cheddar, bechamel, cream, white wine, cider.

Mushroom mix
Dehydrated mushroom mix


This mix off ers diff erent textures and tastes.

Taste: aromatic.

Side dish for or use with: meat, chicken, fish, white sauces, pasta, rice, any white sauces, white wine.